Corrosion Services in Sinton, TX


CEC Corrosion Services provides the expertise, materials and skilled manpower to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our technicians are able to install and maintain cathodic protection systems of any size, including modifications and expansions.

Comprehensive corrosion protection is vital for the safe and efficient operation of pipeline networks, distribution facilities, marine environments and power plants; a fact particularly true for pipeline operators and facilities at an increased risk of corrosion.

Cathodic Protection is Worth Your Metal ™. The installation of a cathodic protection system is a worthwhile investment when it comes to considering the outlay involved in the repair or replacement of damage caused by corrosion.

Services We Provide:

Custom Cathodic Protection Systems
Conventional & Deepwell Groundbeds
Line Markers / Signage Installations
Marine Systems
Oilfield Vessel System
Rectifier Installation
Remote Monitor (RMU) Installation & Monitoring (qualified to install American Innovations Bullhorn and Elecsys Watchdog units)
Sacrificial Anodes
System Relocation & Repair
Test Stations & Monitoring Stations

AC and DC Interference Mitigation
Annual Pipe-to-Soil Potential Surveys (APSP)
Annual Regulatory Testing / Record Keeping
Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG)
Bi-monthly Rectifier Surveys
Bond Installation / Testing
Cased Crossing Testing and Analysis
Close-Interval-Surveys (CIS)
Coupon Monitoring
Depth of Cover Surveys
Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)
Electrical Continuity & Isolation
External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) Survey & Analysis
GPS Survey & Mapping
Integrity Dig Inspection and Management: Coating Evaluation & Pipe Evaluation
Pipeline profiling surveys
Rectifier / System Troubleshooting / Maintenance
Resistivity Profile (soil & water)
Stray Current & Interference Testing
Soil resistivity testing
Test Post Survey

Anomaly Verification Digs
Composite Repairs
Meter Installation / Flange Work
Pipeline Maintenance Pigging
Pig Tracking
Right-of-way Maintenance & Brush Clearing
Sandblasting / Painting / Coatings
Valve Repair & Maintenance

Line Locating & Marking
One-Call System Operating

Leak Detection for transportation and distribution pipeline and associated facilities.

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